1965, Sopron

glass artist


She was a student of László Hefter between 1980 and 1983, then participated in various further training courses abroad. She designs and makes glass objects, wall images and jewellery in her own workshop. She mainly uses the so-called fusing/kilnworking technique, but often applies flamework to melt glass elements and combine them with silver for her jewellery. She is constantly playing with different surfaces, combining matte with glossy, opal with transparent glass, light with shadow, and silver with glass. She has named the technique and pattern system she has been using for years to create glass panels SEJTelem (‘cell-conjecture’). In 2019 she won Semi Grand Prize at the international Silver Accessories Awards, and in 2020 the Challenge Trophy of theNight of Jewellery Budapest.

Green Network

Photo: Zsuzsanna Kóródi

molten, coldworked glass
30×42 cm

Green Network