1953, Nagymányok

porcelain designer


She graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1979, and in 2008 she received her DLA degree from the Janus Pannonius University of Pécs. She works on the composition of fractal geometric systems and network structures. The composition of her objects follows iterations of a single self-similar element, aligned to different spatial orientations. The basic fractal element of her porcelain objects is the fir cone motif: the third eye, a symbol of intuitive skill independent of space and time, whose variations result in complex, nonlinear systems. Since 1992, she has won numerous awards at the Ceramics Biennale and the 2nd National Ceramics Quadrennial. Since 1996, she has held seminars at various amateur art centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Double 6

Photo: Bálint Rádóczy

hand-built porcelain
55×40×50 cm

Double 6