, 1940, Budapest – 2021, Szentendre

Kossuth Prize-winning art medallist, sculptor, Meritorious Artist, Artist of the Nation

He graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1965, his masters were Pál Pátzay and Iván Szabó. After 1975 he worked as an independent artist. Since the beginning of his career he has regularly participated both in domestic exhibitions and in Hungarian art shows abroad. His historical monuments, commemorative statues, decorative works and ornamental fountains can be found in public squares and public buildings both in Hungarian and foreign cities. He has also developed his autonomous artistic programme in the feld of small sculptures, small statues and art medals. He has received numerous prestigious awards and honours. In addition to his sculpting work, he has been actively involved in the art scene of Szentendre, and in the life of several other art associations and artist communities. In 2007 he was made an honorary citizen of Szentendre.

Photo: MMA / Lugosi Lugo László