, 1941, Sopron – 2020, Budapest

Béla Balázs- and Gáspár Károli Award-winning animation film director, Meritorious Artist, Outstanding Artist, honorary professor

He graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in 1966, already his thesis work was a major festival success. He joined Pannónia Film Studio, where he worked for over twenty-five years until his retirement. He was also active as a graphic artist, creating illustrations for youth magazines and newspapers, and adapting several popular fairy tales to slide films. Generations have grown up with his series Rabbit with the Chequered Ears and K íváncsi Fáncsi kalandjai [’The Adventures of Fáncsi the Curious’] . In 2002, Józsefváros Gallery presented an exhibition of his life’s work. He has helped many generations of animation filmmakers in Hungary at the start of their career. He has been a leading figure in animation education at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where he was awarded the title honorary professor in 2008.

MTI Photo, Zsolt Szigetváry