Manooi Ltd was founded by interior designer János Héder and porcelain designer and applied artist Judit Zoltai in 2006, by which time they had been working in interior design as well as designer furniture and lamps for more than ten years. Their first crystal chandelier was completed in 2005 and in the same year was met with great success at the Euroshop exhibition in Dusseldorf. It was after this that they established Manooi Ltd, whose main profile is the manufacture of premium category crystal chandeliers and their sale on Hungarian and international markets. All their chandeliers are based on Manooi designs. The designers combine classical materials with the most modern solutions, while looking for pure, eternal forms and innovative technologies. Manooi won the Design Management Award in 2016.


DAB EKG holter
Photo: Manooi

stainless steel, crystal
200×82 cm

Infinity Infinity