István JÓZSA / Yoza Design

1980, Budapest


He graduated in industrial design from MOME in 2004, and completed the university’s design management programme too. In 2004 he won the Special Prize of the National Research and Technology Office at the Hungarian Design Award competition and the László Juhász Design Award. His works have been included in the Hungarian Design Award exhibitions on several occasions. He won the support granted by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary in 2018 and received the main prize in the furniture category at Blickfang Wien in 2019. He has been a grantee of the Hungarian Academy ofArts since 2020.

TENSO Lamp 2

Produced by: YOZA Design Kft.
Photo: István Józsa

stainless steel tube
20×20×50 cm

TENSO Lamp 2 TENSO Lamp 2