Krisztina VÁNDOR

Vandor Studio


Founded in 2019, the studio was inspired by the love for weaving and the belief that home textiles made of natural materials can help in creating a more harmonious home. The studio’s designs are characterised by interesting colour combinations, cheerful tones and pure patterns, as well as meticulously crafted structures. Its product range includes mainly unique carpets, small series blankets, throw pillows, bed covers and various other decorative home textiles. The founder-designer Krisztina Vándor specialises in traditional hand-weaving: she creates repetitive patterns, mainly in the form of home textiles. She won the Golden Fork Award in 2017, and her latest collection was funded by the László Moholy-Nagy Scholarship.


Kerazus rug

Photo: Krisztina Vándor

wool, linen, hand weaving
140×200 cm

Kerazus rug Kerazus rug