, 1930, Budapest – 2019, Budapest

Munkácsy Award-winning textile designer, Meritorious Artist

She graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in 1960, where she was a student of Ernő Schubert and György Jets. From 1966, she designed carpets made of hemp and cotton rags for the Csaba Carpet Weaving Household Cooperative. With her Scandinavian-inspired carpets and tapestry, her subtle motifs and geometric patterns asserting the factural effects of the material, she represented a completely unique trend in Hungarian textile art of the seventies and eighties. In 1972 and 1977 she won the main prize at the Tapestry and Space Textile Biennial, and in 1981 the first prize at the Paris International Carpet Exhibition. In 1983 she received the Design Award of Excellence.

Courtesy of Gábor Palotai