1962, Budapest

graphic artist


She graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1985 and acquired her DLA in 2015. She is active on a wide spectrum of graphic design, primarily designing identities, publications and posters for cultural institutions and events. In recent years her works have been displayed at numerous professional exhibitions all over the world, and she has won several prizes (PostEurop 2012 EUROPA Stamp Competition, gold medal, 2012; 16th International Poster Biennial, Mexico, first prize, 2021). From 2000 to 2014 she played an active role in organising the National Graphic Design Biennial. She has taught at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts since 1992 and has been its associate professor since 2008. She received the Mihály Munkácsy Award in 2003.

Rape is Never the Victim’s Fault, poster

photo, mixed digital media
70×100 cm

Rape is Never the Victim’s Fault, poster